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The Best Polar Watches: Vantage V2, Grit X Pro, and more



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Whether you’re a pro athlete or just someone who needs to track their runs, there’s a Polar watch out there for you.

Whether you’re a professional athlete training for a triathlon or just someone who wants to track their runs and hikes, there’s a Polar watch out there for you. We’ve rounded up all the best Polar watches available so you can choose the right one for your needs.

The Best Polar watches

There are many different types of GPS fitness watches from various companies. So why choose Polar? Polar watches are particularly great for runners. The company couples useful training and recovery tools with some of the most accurate wrist-based heart rate sensors you can find.

Polar watches also feature excellent build quality and competitive pricing. Within the wearables market, they compete most directly with devices from Garmin, and other brands aimed at athletes looking for a feature-packed training companion.

To choose the right watch for you, consider what level of biometric data you’re interested in collecting. If you want the most tool and measurables possible, the Vantage V2 tracks all the stats you could possibly need. If you’re looking for more of an intro running watch, or if you’re on a budget, Polar has options for you as well. Read on to find out more about our top picks.

The Best Polar watches

  • Polar Vantage V2: The best Polar running watch is the Polar Vantage V2. It’s packs the top training features Polar has to offer including performance and recovery testing.
  • Polar Vantage V: For runners on a budget, the Polar Vantage V is a cheaper Polar watch as it’s now outdated by the V2. However, last gen’s tech still offers plenty of tools for serious runners.
  • Polar Grit X Pro: The Polar Grit X Pro is the best Polar watch for the outdoors. This device has all the best offerings of the Vantage V2, plus military-grade durability.
  • Polar Vantage M2: The best cheap Polar watch, the Vantage M2 brings improvements to the original Vantage M that make this a solid option for anyone wanting a Polar device on a budget.
  • Polar Ignite 2: The Polar Ignite 2 is the best Polar multi-sport watch. With a bright, full-color touch screen display, its also a good intro device to the Polar lineup.

Polar Vantage V2: The best Polar running watch


The Polar Vantage V2 is the company’s top running watch, and the best Polar watch you can buy. If you’re a hard-core runner and want the most information you can get, the V2 will collect all your data points. What’s more, it will organize your results to keep you from overdoing it.

The device’s headling features include running and cycling performance tests and a leg recovery test. These let users customize their training sessions as well as help them determine how prepared their body is for the next workout. For all-terrain training, the Vantage V2 even offers a hill splitter and will automatically mark and measure inclines and declines on your run.

These are just a few of the device’s highlights, but it is absolutely full of features. If you want everything Polar has to offer in one sleek, lightweight running watch, the Polar Vantage V2 is the watch for you.

Polar Vantage V: A cheaper Polar running watch


The Polar Vantage V is Polar’s last-generation Vantage running watch. However, it’s still a good buy if you don’t need the latest and greatest tech out there. Certainly, if you already own this device, you shouldn’t feel rushed to swing for an upgrade just yet.

The Vantage V has built-in GPS, WR50 water resistance, and comes with Polar’s Recovery Pro tool. It also sports a powerful heart rate sensor and allows you to monitor your running power, among other things. Overall, its very dense feature list provides lots of data, making it an ideal option for those serious about running.

Polar Grit X Pro: The best Polar watch for the outdoors


The Polar Grit X Pro offers all the same features as the original Polar Grit X, as well as the features of the Polar Vantage V2. That means lots of health insights and training recommendations that make it a great pick for long-distance training. Some of the Pro’s upgrades include music controls, heartrate broadcasting, Recovery Pro, and Polar’s full suite of fitness testing. The device also offers a number of useful navigation features. Runners and cyclists can tap into tools and settings for utilizing preloaded routes including a beeline option for getting home quick, an elevation graph, and more.

Intended for adventurers, the device also boasts military-grade durability, as well as a Saphire glass lense. Similar to the original, the watch offers about 40 hours of battery life or up 100 hours in battery-saving mode. Unfortunately, it still utilizes the same heart rate sensor as its predecessor which we found to be just okay in terms of performance.

Polar Vantage M2: The best cheap Polar running watch


A good budget option with plenty of features, the Vantage M2 offers an impressive list of sports profiles as well as a full-out triathlon mode. Athletes will also benefit from tons of workout feedback including training load status, and sleep tracking.

Compared to the original Vantage M, the M2 includes an improved design and a more comfortable strap and keeps its buttons for user interaction (rather than a touchscreen like some higher-priced options from Polar). It also claims a much better battery life. Other new features include a weekly training view, weather details, music controls, and more.

For the average athlete, this Polar watch offers everything you need. It’s a particularly solid choice for road runners looking to save some cash.

Polar Ignite 2: The best multisport Polar watch


If the Vantage series is too pricey for you or you don’t need all the running-specific features it offers, the Ignite 2 might be the Polar watch you’re looking for. It strikes a good balance between features, style, and price. Compared to its predecessor, the Ignite 2 adds better more bands, battery life, music controls, and smartwatch features for a more well-rounded device.

Below the Ignite 2’s vibrant, full-color, touch screen display, users will find built-in GPS, advanced heart rate sensors, sleep monitoring, the ability to track data in more than 130 activities, and more. The device is also extremely lightweight with a simple, slender, and elegant design. It features changeable straps and an overall aesthetic that’s more day-to-day than some of Polar’s other offerings.

Like all Polar watches, if you’re shopping for a basic tracker, the Ignite 2 is probably more than you need. If you want to take your fitness further though, this is a good intro option that also doesn’t scream gym buff at a glance.

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