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Detailed Glossybox Review [Features & Pricing]



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If you have a passion for exploring new skincare and beauty products, Glossybox could be the perfect choice for you. If you’re unfamiliar with Glossybox and its operations, allow me to provide you with a comprehensive Glossybox review that covers its pricing, advantages, drawbacks, and customer feedback on Glossybox products.

What Is Glossybox and How Does It Work?

Glossybox is a popular beauty subscription service that provides subscribers with a monthly box filled with beauty and skincare products. The company was founded in 2011 and is known for its curated selection of high-quality products from various beauty brands. Glossybox operates in multiple countries and has gained a global following.

Glossybox consistently receives rave reviews in 2022, impressing customers with its diverse range of beauty products. From skincare essentials to decorative cosmetics, such as face masks, creams, eye creams, cleansers, lip scrubs, moisturizers, and hair care products like conditioners and shampoos, Glossybox has it all.

Makeup enthusiasts will also be delighted by the inclusion of items like lipstick, primers, concealers, eye shadows, eyeliners, and makeup brushes. Additionally, Glossybox often combines these beauty products with travel-sized to full-sized wellness items, hair accessories, candles, or nail polish. The collective value of these items is estimated to exceed $60.

Glossybox proves to be a fantastic choice whether you’re treating yourself or seeking a thoughtful gift for your best friend. With a subscription price of $21 per month, you can enjoy a monthly box filled with premium cosmetics.

Main Features

With each monthly subscription to Glossybox, you will receive a unique box filled with a selection of diverse beauty products. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of what you can anticipate when you purchase a Glossybox subscription.


Glossybox offers a diverse range of beauty products in their subscription boxes. While the specific products may vary each month. Glossybox offers a convenient and exciting way for beauty enthusiasts to discover and enjoy a variety of beauty products. With their curated selection, customization options, and beauty expertise, Glossybox provides a delightful beauty experience that keeps subscribers eagerly anticipating each monthly box, here are some examples of the types of products you might find in a Glossybox:

Skincare Products:

Glossybox often includes a variety of skincare products in their subscription boxes. These may include moisturizers to hydrate and nourish the skin, serums to target specific concerns like anti-aging or brightening, face masks for deep cleansing or rejuvenation, cleansers to remove impurities and makeup, toners to balance the skin’s pH, eye creams to target under-eye concerns, facial oils for added hydration and glow, and exfoliators to slough away dead skin cells and promote a smoother complexion.

Makeup Products:

Glossybox features makeup items to help you enhance your beauty looks. You may find lipsticks and lip glosses in various shades and finishes, foundations and BB creams for a flawless complexion, eyeshadow palettes with versatile colors and textures, mascaras to lengthen and volumize lashes, eyeliners for defining the eyes, blushes and bronzers to add color and warmth to the face, highlighters for a radiant glow, and setting sprays to prolong the wear of your makeup.

Haircare Products:

Glossybox includes haircare products to help you maintain healthy and beautiful hair. This can include shampoos and conditioners tailored to different hair types and concerns, hair masks and treatments to nourish and repair, styling products such as hair sprays, mousses, and gels to achieve various hairstyles, and hair oils and serums for added shine and manageability. They may also feature dry shampoos for quick refreshes between washes.

Body Care Products:

Glossybox offers body care products to pamper and care for your skin. This may include body lotions and creams to moisturize and soften the skin, body washes and shower gels in different scents and formulations, body scrubs to exfoliate and smooth the skin, hand creams to keep your hands moisturized, and body oils for a luxurious and nourishing experience.


Glossybox occasionally includes perfumes and colognes in their boxes, allowing you to discover new scents and brands. They may provide small fragrance samples for you to try out and find your new favorite scent.

Nail Products:

Glossybox may feature nail products to help you achieve beautiful and well-groomed nails. This can include nail polishes in various shades and finishes, as well as nail care products like nail strengtheners and cuticle oils to maintain healthy nails.

Tools and Accessories:

Glossybox sometimes includes beauty tools and accessories to complement your beauty routine. This can include makeup brushes and applicators for precise application, beauty sponges for seamless foundation blending, eyelash curlers to enhance your lashes, tweezers for grooming eyebrows, and other tools that can aid in your beauty routine.


Glossybox strives to provide a wide variety of beauty products to cater to different preferences and needs. They curate their subscription boxes with a diverse range of items, ensuring that subscribers receive a mix of products from various beauty categories.

By offering a wide variety of brands, beauty categories, product types, shades/variations, and considering seasonal trends, Glossybox strives to provide subscribers with a diverse and exciting beauty experience. This variety ensures that subscribers can explore and discover new products, while also receiving items that align with their personal preferences and needs.


Glossybox is committed to delivering high-quality beauty products to their subscribers. They curate their boxes with the intention of providing subscribers with a premium and luxurious beauty experience.

While Glossybox makes efforts to provide high-quality products, it’s important to note that individual preferences and experiences may vary. What may work well for one subscriber may not work the same for another. However, Glossybox’s commitment to curating quality products and their emphasis on customer satisfaction are indicative of their dedication to providing a premium beauty subscription service.


Glossybox pays attention to the packaging of their subscription boxes to provide subscribers with an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious unboxing experience.

Glossybox pays attention to the packaging details to create a visually appealing and enjoyable unboxing experience. The combination of attractive box designs, careful product arrangement, and informative material contributes to a sense of luxury and excitement for subscribers when they receive their Glossybox.

Limited Edition

Glossybox periodically releases limited edition boxes that offer subscribers a curated selection of high-end or exclusive products. These limited edition boxes are separate from the regular monthly subscription and are often themed or created in collaboration with specific brands or influencers.

Glossybox Limited Edition boxes provide an opportunity for subscribers to indulge in a curated selection of high-end, exclusive, and themed beauty products. The collaboration with renowned brands and influencers, along with the premium packaging, adds an extra element of luxury and excitement to the Limited Edition experience.

Advent Calendar

The Glossybox Advent Calendar is a special holiday-themed box that counts down the days leading up to Christmas. It is a highly anticipated and sought-after product among beauty enthusiasts.

The Glossybox Advent Calendar offers a delightful way to celebrate the holiday season with a daily beauty surprise. With a mix of beauty products from various brands, exclusive items, and festive packaging, it has become a popular choice for beauty enthusiasts who enjoy the excitement of discovering new products while embracing the holiday spirit.

Glossy Lounge

Glossybox provides a monthly opportunity for subscribers to accumulate Glossy Credits, which can be redeemed at partner companies like Lookfantastic. Glossy Lounge presents exclusive offers from renowned brands, along with access to free expert beauty advice, competitions, exclusive offers, freebies, and monthly Facebook Live sessions.


In addition to its great packaging, Glossybox offers a magazine that accompanies each box, providing valuable information about the products included, as well as beauty and health tips. If you find this aspect appealing, you might also enjoy reading articles on organizing your makeup collection or learning effective methods for cleaning your makeup sponges.

Student Offers

In addition to regular discounts on its website, Glossybox extends a special offer of a 20% discount to students using their first box. Students can avail of this discount by having a Student Beans ID. To access the discount, students need to log in to their Student Beans account, retrieve their unique code, and paste it at the checkout when purchasing their Glossybox. By taking advantage of this offer, students can also begin accumulating Glossy Credits for ongoing discounts on future purchases.

Glossy Credit

Glossybox USA offers an exclusive rewards program for its members in the form of credits, which can be used to make purchases on Glossybox and lookfantastic.com. To earn Glossy credits, subscribers have several options. They can write reviews for the products they receive in their Glossybox, complete surveys, or refer a friend to join Glossybox. These activities contribute to accumulating credits that can be redeemed for various items and products.

Ease of Signup

Signing up for Glossybox USA is a straightforward process. All you need to do is provide your email address and create a password. Once you’ve completed the signup process, you can select from one of the four subscription options available: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

After choosing your desired subscription plan, Glossybox will send you a box containing five premium beauty products, with a total value of over $60. These products are carefully curated and tailored to your beauty preferences. The delivery time for the box will vary depending on your location, typically ranging from 2 to 12 business days.

Glossybox aims to make the signup process quick and easy, allowing you to start enjoying a selection of high-quality beauty products conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Plans and Pricing

Let’s see what type of plans and pricing does Glossybox offer:

Plan Price
1 month $21
3 months $19.50 per month or $58.50 in upfront payment
6 months $18.50 per month or $111 in upfront payment
12 months $17.50 per month or $210 in upfront payment
  • The one-month Glossybox subscription is suitable for newcomers and moms who claim they don’t want anything, to see if the Glossybox is their cup of tea or not. It’s flexible and users can cancel at any time.
  • The three-month subscription is a great way to try Glossybox’s products without monthly payment. Also, this subscription includes shipping.
  • The six-month subscription also includes shipping in the price, and it saves you up to $15 compared to the one-month plan.
  • The twelve-month subscription is the best option for long-term customers. It covers the shipping costs and saves you up to $37 compared to the one-month subscription plan.

Glossybox Customer Support

Glossybox USA boasts an exceptional customer support team renowned for their excellent service. To reach them, the most effective method is through the Message Center located in the “My Account” section. Utilizing the Message Center enables both customers and the Customer Services Team to conveniently manage and track all orders and inquiries in a centralized location.

Glossybox Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to Glossybox, there are several other beauty subscription boxes and services available in the market. Here are a few popular options:

Brand Price Number of products Size of the products Preference quiz Box value
Glossybox $21 5-7 Full and travel Yes Over $60
Ipsy $10 5 Full and travel Yes $40-$80
BoxyCharm $21 4-5 Full No Over $100
Birchbox $10 5 Sample size Yes $25-$40

This review highlights the superiority of Glossybox over its competitors, showcasing the reasons why it stands out. Glossybox excels in providing excellent value for money, offering high-quality beauty products from renowned brands that consistently satisfy customers. Moreover, Glossybox extends enticing discounts to its subscribers and students, and boasts a rewarding loyalty program.

With an impressive lineup of luxury brands such as Burberry, Bvlgari, Becca, GlamGlow, Crush by Rihanna, Tom Ford, TARTE, and more, Glossybox delivers valuable beauty products that leave clients delighted.

Is Glossybox Worth It?

Glossybox is a must-try for those who have a passion for discovering new products. Rest assured, you’ll receive a diverse range of high-quality items that far exceed the price you pay. Whether you’re looking to elevate your beauty subscription or surprise a friend with a luxurious gift, Glossybox is the perfect choice.

Wrapped in stylish and sophisticated packaging, Glossybox offers a curated selection of skincare and makeup products that exude quality. It’s an ideal subscription box for individuals seeking exposure to new brands and premium products. With over 100 carefully chosen brands, each item in the box is trendy and fashionable. However, it’s important to note that if you prefer knowing the specific products in advance, Glossybox may not be the best fit.

Final Thoughts

Glossybox is a popular beauty subscription service that offers subscribers a curated selection of beauty products delivered right to their doorstep. With a focus on variety, quality, and providing an enjoyable unboxing experience, Glossybox strives to cater to the beauty needs and preferences of its subscribers.

The subscription service offers a diverse range of brands, beauty categories, and product types, allowing subscribers to discover new products and explore different aspects of their beauty routine. Glossybox pays attention to the quality of the products they curate, partnering with reputable brands and considering customer feedback to maintain high standards.

Finally, Glossybox aims to provide a convenient and enjoyable way for beauty enthusiasts to discover new products, indulge in self-care, and stay up-to-date with the latest beauty trends.

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